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About Us

Our Family's Passion and Pursuit for over 54 years

Fine Art Curation  |  Sales  |  Advisory  |  Publishing  |  Collection Management  

Whether it's your first time visiting Atlas Galleries or you're a seasoned art collector interested in adding to your family's fine art collection, trust in our history, reputation and experience to help you navigate today's ever-changing world of fine art. 

Our Story   |   Curating 400+ Years of Fine Art

Global Expertise     |     Merited Trust     |     Extensive Experience     |     Industry Leadership 

Established in 1967 by Harriet and Jerry Petr, Atlas Galleries has become as firm a fixture on Chicago’s luxurious North Michigan Avenue as the Water Tower, the Wrigley Building and the chic exclusive boutiques and flagship retailers of the Mag Mile.

Atlas Galleries has guided collectors through the ever-changing world of global fine art for 50 years, facilitating countless client acquisitions and nearly an endless assortment of magnificent pieces. The Petr Family has dedicated their lives to the artists, consultants and collectors that have truly become part of the family.  The Atlas Galleries staff has been carefully cultivated over the years resulting in an incredibly artistically-knowledgeable team of fine art consultants and back-of-house specialists, many collectors themselves.


Thank you for shopping with us online! 

Journey through over 400 historic years of fine art development and creation - from the masters of the 1700s and 1800s to today's contemporary masters.  All of Atlas Galleries' massive inventory is available to you for sale here online as well as by telephone at: 312-329-9330.  Call Atlas Galleries with any questions or to purchase artwork - our friendly staff is ready to assist you.

We welcome you to discover our curated collections of art that link the past with the present.  Out of the past emerge fine etchings by Rembrandt, Durer and Whistler as well as original oils and limited edition prints by Picasso, Menpes and Renoir. Next to these historic works of art one finds masterpieces by today's contemporary artists including JalinePol, Angel Botello, Ruth Bloch, Mackenzie Thorpe, Dr. Seuss, Markus Pierson and Chicago's very own artist, Michael Cheney.  Each of our artist's styles and techniques are diverse and include the use of various media including paintings, sculptures, linocuts, and limited edition prints.  


Thank you for taking your time to explore our online store - the art featured on our website is consistently being updated and represents only a small percentage of the fine art that we have in stock (we are working daily to upload artist collections) so please let us know if there is a piece or an art you are searching for - we will gladly share with you everything we have in our collection until we find what you are looking for.


Please contact us with any inquiries

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