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Keep an eye out for news about our upcoming Spring Sale...
We know you'll be thrilled!
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Happy Holidays!  Big Holiday Savings on Dr. Seuss coming soon...
We have a large collection of amazing works from several Dr. Seuss eras
so please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you're in search of a particular work. 

Holiday Sales at Atlas Galleries!

Welcome to the Unprecedented Atlas Galleries BOGO Sale!

For the 1st time in our 53 year history, we are offering our clients

the opportunity to Buy One piece of Art & Get the second One Free!

Use Code:  BOGO at checkout.  It's that easy!


Also we're offering other amazing holiday-only opportunities

to save on your favorite artists!


Use Code:  HOLIDAY to save 20%

on Michael Cheney prints and  all works by Tom Everhart!


During these extraordinary times, we thought there is no better way to thank our amazing clientele than to offer savings that we’ve never offered before!  


Details on the BOGO Sale:

1. Simply go to our BOGO SALE page and choose any piece of artwork you’d love to buy. 


2. Then shop around and find the next one that's the same price or less, and it’s yours FREE!  


3. When you're ready to check-out, use your Sale Code and you’ll see

your check-out amount decrease by the price of the second piece! 


While you're at it, Buy Two, Get Two!  Same process.



Q:  Can I use this BOGO code for more than the 2 pieces?

A:  Of course you can enjoy a double serving of BOGO!  Just repeat!

Q:  Does this offer apply to all pieces of art on the website?

A:  This offer only applies to items labeled BOGO.

Q:  Can I reach someone at Atlas Galleries if I have questions?

A:  Absolutely!  Message us and we'll be back to you ASAP!  We promise.


The Atlas Galleries family wishes you an amazing 4th of July holiday

with your family and friends, and we look forward to continuing to serve you

with the same service that you have come to know and expect over the last 53 years!



The Petr Family

Contact Atlas Galleries.:

312-329-9330 or

Free Frame February!


Atlas Galleries Evolution

Brick & Mortar  --->  eCommerce

Times have certainly changed since we opened our doors at Atlas Galleries in 1967.

In keeping with today's evolving world of retail and our clients' greater interest

in online services we have transitioned to an exclusively online retail presence.


The transition to our new eCommerce platform continues with the same great staff

and the same renowned service.  Atlas is always available to you with new and

exciting advances in our online retail experience!

All of your favorite artists are available for purchase securely here on

Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your personal needs. 

We are honored to be your preferred art expert for over 52 years

and we're committed to continuing our globally renowned level of service to you.

Please contact us with any questions.


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