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Frequently Asked Questions


"What does this word mean?"

Please visit our Art Terminology Glossary for the definitions of many fine art terms used at Atlas Galleries.


What is a "Gallery Wrapped Canvas"?

"Gallery Wrapped" refers to the method of stretching a canvas so that the image wraps around the edge of the stretcher frame. The canvas is secured to the stretcher bars with staples applied on the back side. By wrapping the image around the edge of the stretcher frame we create a presentation that is viewable from the front both sides and the top and bottom.  This modern look with clean edges gives the impression that it is floating on the wall. We take great care in creating the wrapped edge so that it presents a neat fold and is visually pleasing when viewed from the side without a frame.  The images directly below are of a "Gallery Wrapped" piece.













Is Shipping really free for purchases over $995?

Any purchase made online or at one of our gallery locations will be shipped via FedEx Ground within the continental United States to your desired location free of charge if your purchase total is over $995.  


What about international shipping?

For international purchases we have various shipping options that can be tailored to suit your needs.  

Please call or email us to determine what shipping options work best for you.  All international purchasers are responsible for their own home-country's duties.   Shipping time-frames will vary depending on the type of shipping you choose. Please email our galleries directly to arrange your shipment:


For the fastest response, please call us during  our normal business hours: 10-6pm (US CST)  /  3-11pm (GMT)


What about framing?  Are there different framing options for my purchase?

Yes!  Atlas Galleries also has a full-service in-house framing solution for you.  Of course you can have whatever you like, but here is the simplified version of our framing offerings:


  -   Gallery Wrapped canvas - see definition above.

  -   Unframed: Rolled canvas ready to be mounted and framed as you desire.

  -   Framed:  Standard and Deluxe options 


Please call to arrange the framing specifications that you desire - some of our artists works are already framed as they may be original oil on canvas works or other types of work that we sell pre-framed in the standard or deluxe options. 


Atlas offers free local delivery? 

Free delivery and installation service on purchases over $5,000.  If your purchase does not qualify under our free guideline, we will gladly deliver and install your new artwork for a fee of just $50.  Or you can always benefit from free shipping with purchases over $995.


How does the "Collectors Reserve Program" work?

Many of our long-standing collectors utilize the Collectors Reserve Program in order to balance their purchases over time while securing the pieces they desire for their collections.  This Program enables you to procure your artwork at your pace.  Purchase any piece of art from Atlas Galleries and pay incrementally over time.  We will reserve and store your purchase under your name until the total purchase amount has been paid.  We will deliver or ship your new piece to you immediately upon receipt as paid-in-full.   This is a simple and effective way to enable the purchase of fine art without the inconvenience of being required to pay in-full at the time of purchase.  Please contact Atlas Galleries to arrange the acquisition of your piece of fine art today!   Contact us here.


What does free in-home consultation mean?

Often times Atlas Galleries' collectors request a professional opinion of how a piece of art will look inside their home.  Our staff is pleased to come to your home with artwork to show you exactly how it will look in your home.  Some pieces of artwork can be very large, heavy or otherwise difficult to manage given it's size or weight, and it is nearly impossible to manage on one's own so we're happy to provide you with all the support you need to determine where in your home the artwork looks best. 


Please suggest additional questions for us to answer!  

If we have not answered your question here, it is likely there are other people asking the same question but unfortunately did not receive an answer from our FAQ page - please send us a message with your question and we will answer you directly as well as add it to the FAQ database for the benefit of every visitor.
Please send your question to:


Does Atlas Galleries accept artist submissions?

We are always seeking talented artists interested in joining the Atlas Galleries family.  We have spent over 48 years traveling the world in search of artists that would be a strong fit with our collectors' tastes.  We offer artists significant value through our global reputation, our decades of experience in the business of fine art, our finely cultivated sales staff, publishing opportunities, major events and more.  If you are interested in the opportunity to join the Atlas Galleries family please submit a letter of intent, your current CV and a sampling of your artwork to:   We look forward to hearing from you!


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