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Artist: James McNeill Whistler
Title: Alderney Street
Media: Etching
Size: 2 ¾” x 4”
# 14974


A genre scene, Whistler was able to capture the very essence of Alderney Street in London, giving the viewer a visual snapshot of the time. A row of houses and shops line the wide street where crowds walk. This work is etched as though he were lightly sketching it onto the plate. The row of buildings on the street are carefully outlined, allowing for their influence in the composition to remain merely an impression on the viewers eye; the architectural details etched just enough to give their presence validity in the overall scene. He paid close attention to the pedestrians, and various animals throughout, allowing for their shape to be prominent but not overbearing, compositionally paying tribute to the simplistic nature of his time.


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Alderney Street

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