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Artist: Michael Cheney
Title: Botanic Garden Impression

Media: Oil On Canvas
Size: 24 x 30

Framed-As-Is  (please inquire for unframed price)

Questions? Call or email an Atlas Art Consultant!


Botanic Garden Impression

  • Monumental buildings thrust vertically into the violet sky along the Chicago River in Soaring Metropolis on the River. Cheney wants the viewer to feel the dizzying effect and unbridaled energy of this magestic metropolis. Phtholo green and cadmium yellow pointillist paint strokes complement the dioxine and untramarine glazed sky. Soaring Metropolis on the River is a contemporary genre subject painted in Cheney’s unique Postmodern Impressionist style. It is part of Postmodern Impressions, an exhibition of paintings, drawings, and limited edition graphics at the famed Atlas Galleries on Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue. This work explores the unique character of the contemporary city, and its people.

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