Artist: Albrecht Durer

Title: Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg

Media: Engraving

Dimensions: 5" x 3"


Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg and Elector of the Empire, Archbishop of Mayence and Magdeburg was born on June 28, 1490. He became Archbishop of Magdeburg in 1513, Archbishop of Mayence in 1514 and Cardinal in 1518. In 1514 Jacob Fugger of the wealthy trading house of Augsburg had advanced 21,000 ducats to Albrecht of Brandenburg in order to secure the Archbishopric of Mayence, which entitled the Electorship. The Pope authorized him to sell indulgences of the condition that he turn over half of the proceeds to the Papal treasury. An agent of the Fuggers subsequently traveled in his retinue in charge of the cashbox. He appointed the Dominican Tetzel to conduct his selling of indulgences and thus indirectly caused Martin Luther to nail his ninety- five Theses on the church doors at Wittenburg. Titled in the panel above Cardinal: Albert, by divine mercy the most Holy Roman Church’s Titular Presbyter Cardinal of St. Chrysogonus, Archbishop of Mayence and of Magdeburg, primate Elector of the Empire, Administratoe of the Halberstadt, Margrave of Brandenburg. The three coat-of-arms represents the Archbishop of Magdenburg, Mayence and Halberstadt.



Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg