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Artist: Pierre-August Renoir
Title: Femme nue couchee (Tournee A Droite) 1re Planche
Limited Edition of
Media: Drypoint
Size: 5/18" x 7 3/4"
# 48098


“This etching is evidence of the influence of Rubens and Titian on Renoir’s artistic sensibility toward the human form. Renoir delighted in the opulent figures of certain women, such as he found in La Boulangere and Gabrielle, his favorite models and the maids who helped Madame Renoir with the house keeping. The art of Renoir has so well defined this type of woman that it is now inseparable from his name, and a woman having these ample, full-bodied charms is at once identified with Renoir.

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Femme nue couchee (Tournee A Droite) 1re Planche

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