Artist: Rembrandt
Title: Jan Uytenbogaert, Preacher of the Remonstrants
Media: Etching
Size: 9˝x 7 1∕8˝
# 44096


Ed De Heer, Director of the Rembrandt House Museum, has written that Rembrandt’s earliest portraits are simple in design and technical execution. Later portraits are notable for their complicated composition and extensive detailing. By combining the technique of etching with drypoint and burin, Rembrandt was able to create painterly effects. We can see this in the portrait of Jan Uytenbogaert. He appears to be rather intrigued by what is going on around him. He is an older gentleman well worn in his years as a preacher at the Arminian remonstrant church. He seems tired, but happy to be looked at and drawn in art form. The time of this etch was when Jan was reaching eighty years old.


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Jan Uytenbogaert, Preacher of the Remonstrants


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