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Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Title: Jeunne Fille a la Charlotte
Media: Oil on Canvas
Size: 6 3/8" x 8"
# 45484


This charming painting was created in 1906, near the end of Renoir’s long and eventful career. Well known as a master painter, etcher and lithographer Jeune Fille a la Charlotte was painted during a time in life when he found success. Now 65 years old, he was feeling the effects of his rheumatoid arthritis. Needing a cane to walk, his knuckles stiff and swollen, he pressed on with great passion. When speaking of his health he would often say he was “Lucky to be rooted in one spot” where nothing could distract him from his art. Renoir painted almost every day of his life, leaving behind an extensive amount of drawings, paintings and studies. This piece is a study painting, once part of a larger canvas. At the request of his sons and dealers it became a standard practice approved by Renoir to cut out the studies from the original canvas to sell individually. The monogram ‘R’ on the left side is quite rare, for Renoir did not sign next to every study but instead only on one spot for all images represented on the canvas.


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Jeune fille a la charlotte

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