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Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Title: La Danse A La Campagne

Limited Edition of
Media: Etching
Size: 5" x 8"
# 45725


“La Danse a la Campagne’ depicts one of the most famous themes in Renoir’s art, and is certainly one of his greatest prints. The composition was developed form preparatory drawings for the painting “Danse at Bougival.” The figures in the composition are the painter Suzanne Valadon, and Renoir’s brother Edouard. First exhibited in 1882 in London “Danse at Bougival” quickly became one of the best known impressionist paintings. The qualities in the painting, which so struck contemporary viewers were its movement, it modern-day relevance, and above all, its vitality. It was these same qualities which Renoir captured so effectively in “La Danse a la Campagne.”


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La Danse A La Campagne

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