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Artist: James Golaszewski
Title: Nothing To Prove

Mixed media/acylic
Size: 8"h x 12"w

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Nothing To Prove

  • There are many facets to the experience of getting older, some good, some not so good.

    One of the good aspects of getting older is that you develop an unshakable sense of your capabilities and who you are as a person.

    This is not the largest painting I have ever done. It is not the most technically challenging painting I have ever done. This painting was inspired by some thoughts about being confident in your abilities and comfortable with who you are.

    This barn has clearly weathered many storms, yet it is still standing. It has no decorative flourishes to detract from its function or disguise its place in the world. It is without pretense, it has “Nothing To Prove”.

    Painting and text © 2014 James Golaszewski

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