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Artist: James Golaszewski
Title: Siesta

Mixed media/acylic
Size: 24"h x 33"w

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(800) 423-7635: 535 N. Michigan Ave Gallery

(800) 545-2929: 900 N. Michigan Ave Gallery



  • There are very few absolute truths in this world, one of them is that time will move relentlessly forward whether we like it or not. The only choice we have is how we spend it, as the here and now slips into the past. This awareness can create a sense of paralyzing urgency to put each moment to its highest and best use. Often, the first thought to occur to us is that we should be doing something significant or dramatic with our time.

    I propose a different approach. I believe the highest and best use of time is to enjoy it, and sometimes that means just letting yourself drift for a while. It is hard to tell which direction the current of life is flowing if you are always paddling furiously. Sometimes, the best use of a warm summer afternoon is to find a nice spot in the shade, lean back into the cool grass, lock your hands behind your head, tip your hat down over your eyes, and daydream until you begin to drift with the current.

    Image and Text © James Golaszewski 2012

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