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Artist: Rembrandt
Title: St. Jerome in a Dark Chamber
Media: Etching
Size: 5 7∕8˝x 6 7/8˝
# 48598


Rembrandt made several etchings of St. Jerome as a hermit in the wilderness. Here, he brings him indoors to the mysterious gloom of his study. Resting his head on his hand, the old saint seems sunk in deep meditation. The light that filters through the dusty window reveals a book a skull and a crucifix on the table. The other attributes of the saint, the lion in front of the table with the cardinals hat on the stairs can barely be made out. Rembrandt created this effect of darkness by laying a dense and irregular network of lines across the plate. The deep black of the darkest passages can only be seen in the earliest impressions.

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St. Jerome in a Dark Chamber

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