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Artist: James Golaszewski
Title: Symbiosis

Mixed media/acylic
Size: 10"h x 46"w

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  • As humans, we each think that we are “normal”. We then compare others to ourselves to determine if they are “normal” or not. This can lead to obvious problems, because everyone is different and there simply cannot be as many different “normals” as there are people on earth.

    I mention this phenomenon because this painting was inspired by the fact that I do not like change. And, (here it comes) I think this is normal. Because I don’t like change, it bothers me when the traditional Middle America panoramas I love are interrupted by modern structures. Because of this, I usually edit out any modern structures when I am composing my rural landscapes. Since I think I am “normal” and everyone else is just like me, I think no one else wants to see modern junk cluttering things up either.

    When I was composing this painting, I intended to omit the city skyline that appeared in my reference photos. Then, I got to thinking about this “normal” thing. It occurred to me that being obsessed with keeping things the same might not be as “normal” as I think it is, and maybe I should consider including some modern elements in my paintings.

    In the real world, rather than “Jim's World”, the new and old, the urban and the rural, exist together in harmony. I wondered if maybe I was not as “normal” as I think I am, and in reality I was the only one that was bothered by the intrusion of modern structures into views of the traditional rural landscape. I decided to open my mind to the possibility that the landscape was beautiful “as is”, and had no need for my biased visual editing. The result is “Symbiosis”.

    Symbiosis: The harmonious and mutually beneficial coexistence of apparently dissimilar things.

    © Jim Golaszewski 2013

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