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Artist: Rembrandt
Title: The Strolling Musicians
Media: Etching
Size: 5 1∕2˝x 4 5/8˝
# 48584


Two street musicians, an old hurdy-gurdy player and a young man with a bagpipe, perform for an old couple with a child. The baby crows with pleasure. Darkness has already fallen, and the figures are lit by a lamp shining from inside the house. Perhaps the old performer is blind; he holds the leash of a little dog, which waits patiently at his feet. At one time, the marks of the hurdy-gurdy were thought to be the signature of Rembrandts pupil Gerrit Deu but it is now generally acknowleged that Rembrandt himself was the maker of this print.


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The Strolling Musicians

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