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Artist: James Golaszewski
Title: The Wonder Of It All

Mixed media/acylic
Size: 16"h x 40"w

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The Wonder of it All

  • It is easy to be caught up in the day-to-day details of living. We are bombarded by the needs and demands that make up the machinery of our lives; and we have no time or energy to stop and appreciate how amazing it is to be alive.

    Every now and then, I try to take the time to stop and focus on the thrill of just being alive. One thing that always brings it into perspective for me is the feeling I get whenever I am outdoors under a canopy of stars. In the daytime, you have no sense of being on a planet that is part of a huge universe, and it is easy to narrow your focus to whatever small task is at hand.

    When the sun goes down and the stars come out, all of our cosmic neighbors that were hidden behind the glare of the sun are revealed. It then becomes apparent that we are living on, as Carl Sagan said, “a pale blue dot”.

    Spending quiet moments under a star-lit sky always puts me in a calm reflective mood and makes me feel intimately connected to the universe. At the same time, it also puts my earth-bound problems and concerns into their proper perspective and makes me marvel at “The Wonder Of It All”.

    Image and text © 2014 James Golaszewski

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