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Artist: James Golaszewski
Title: Things Left Unsaid

Mixed media/acylic
Size: 16"h x 30"w

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Things Left Unsaid

  • We are all familiar with the regret and sadness that comes when we miss the opportunity to say something loving or positive to someone we care about.

    However when it comes to insults and angry negative thoughts, hold your tongue. If you do, one of two things will happen. If the comment is unearned and inappropriate, you will save yourself some embarrassment and save the target of your comments some undeserved pain. If the comment is earned and well deserved, by remaining silent you will leave the intended recipient bewildered.

    By not making that sharp comment, you steal from the villain the opportunity of rebuttal and counterattack. At that moment, and from then on, the villain will wonder what you were thinking – what you would have said had you spoken. In their wondering, the villains’ mind will fill with ideas. All of the things you were considering saying, and many things you never even dreamed of, will cross the mind of the villain without you uttering a single word.

    By saying nothing, you say everything.

    Also, by remaining silent when hurt or angry you leave the door open to future communication, reconciliation, and mutual understanding.

    In this painting, I have attempted to represent these thoughts by painting a damp foggy morning framing an old shed, warmly lit from within, with the door slightly open… left open because of “Things Left Unsaid”.

    Image and Text © 2016 James Golaszewski

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